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Women who have been harmed emotionally do these 13 things Without even being aware of it.

We all know that emotional pain is as harmful and hurtful as emotional pain. Distress always affects our personality, whether we like it or not.

When we feel a lot, it comes out. Even if we don’t see it, some people do. Learning the exercises that come with breaking over and over again is not easy or fun. We start doing things to make sure we don’t see it. If you are a woman who has had extremely excessive experiences, then after reading the above, you will realize that these things are valid.

Women who have been emotionally damaged do these 13 things without even being aware of it.

Love is not that important to them.
They don’t care about love anymore. Sure they do, but when someone approaches them, they ignore it. Because of all the damage, they have suffered, they are more closed off today than ever before.

They have trust issues.
Even if your intentions are innocent, they’ll always doubt it. People cannot be trusted easily, and even if you show them interest, they will still doubt you.

you erect barriers.
It is a priority for them to erect barriers and keep others out of their circle. They no longer want arbitrary people in their lives because they want to protect themselves from distress.

embrace their sadness
They’ve been through hard times and know that happiness is not that important. They accept their sadness and let it express itself.

stop sharing
They don’t share their stuff anymore. The pain has changed them and taught them not to be too open and to keep their things to themselves.

They don’t trust people.
If they trust you, you must have worked hard, because it is no longer easy for them to trust people. Especially when it comes to relationships, trust issues are always in the way.

you are strong
Because they went through a lot of difficult things, they became stronger as things got more difficult. Pain has more impact on people than we think. It may seem a little difficult to treat, but they really do fit in.

They think romance is wrong.
They no longer believe in romance. They know that relationships always start out sweet and end up bitter. They don’t want to fall back into the same traps, and they don’t fall into the sweetness of men after they have realized their true nature.



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