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When Your Kid Says His Stomach Hurts, It’s Anxiety, not Diarrhea

Like other people, your children grow up over time. And as they get older, they also begin to feel emotional reactions. But when they experience negative feelings, they don’t know how to deal with them.
Of course, they should be able to tell you that something is wrong, but they won’t really know how to talk about it because they don’t know what’s wrong with them.

Children are not as educated or as conscious as we adults. They don’t have much understanding of what their feelings are and how they change over time.
This can be confusing and affect their health in general. If they don’t know how to deal with something, they give us symptoms and try to tell us how they feel to get help from us.

In the past, most adults were unaware of children’s behavior and mental disorders. Maybe they knew some of them, but that wasn’t enough.
Even in adulthood, fear remains a mental disorder that is not taken seriously and does not receive the attention it needs. Most people still think that anxiety is normal.

But fear isn’t just normal, it’s a mental disorder that can be exhausting and hard to handle.

Let’s take a simple example: Your child hides behind you because he or she is afraid of the dark. You might think this is a normal period of fear, but in reality, it is fear that rules. But there’s no reason to worry about it unless you notice it’s developing.
It can affect your child’s development and personality, which can lead to problems in relationships, education, and life in general.

According to recent statistics, 1 in 8 children develops an anxiety disorder. This disorder should not be ignored or left untreated, as it can affect your child’s ability to relate to other children, cause sleep disorders, and lead to substance dependence.

Unfortunately, if children’s anxieties go untreated, they will always feel worthless and this can prevent them from succeeding in school. They are also at high risk of developing depression and other mental health problems if they do not receive help.



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