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When you lose your mother, you lose part of your soul.

If you have lost your mother, you know how painful this experience can be. Even though it gets better over time, you still miss her.

Mothers are some of the strongest people in the world. They take care of us like no one else, and they are there for us no matter what the world throws at us. Even when we’re in trouble, they stay by our side and help us with everything.

A mother’s love for her son or daughter is like nothing else and lasts long after the death of one or the other. Your mother is the first person you meet in this world because you have lived in it for a long time and spent a lot of time with her after your birth. She is your protection blanket, your biggest fan, and the person who will never forget you.

When you entered your mother’s life, everything changed for her. She never thought that she could love someone as much as you do, and now that she is no longer with you, you feel incomplete. Whether you finally spent every day with her or you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, you will never be the same again. The more active your mother has been in your life, the worse it will be once she is gone, and since, as your mother, she is older than you, in most cases, she will have left long before you.

When you lose your mother, you feel like a different person. It hurts deep inside and it is almost as if the world is collapsing. The loss of your mother is emotionally not easy to explain, and that is why it is so difficult to explain in many ways.

Nothing in this life can prepare you for the loss of your mother. She has been by your side since you first breathed into this world, and that is why the pain her absence leaves behind is so unbearable. Of course, you will become more and more powerful as the days go by, but this does not mean that you will return to a “normal state”.

The reality of the loss of your mother is much more than just a loss, it is as if we had died with her, but it is a pain that we will have to face at some point in this life. Recently I came across an article on the website “wehavekids.com” that tells the story of someone who has lost his mother. When I read it, it caught my attention and made me think about the brevity of life.



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