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We Fall In Love With People Who Are Meant To Help Us Grow Spiritually

When it comes to dating or relationships in general, people too often try to change partners. If you’re with someone with whom you share a real connection, a change will be the last thing you think about.

Although life would be a lot easier if we accepted ourselves as we are, this doesn’t seem to be something we are all capable of. However, if you want to be part of a truly awakened unity, you must be willing to accept your lover as he is, and not close yourself off from what is at the center. Those who want to change or control their lovers are not able to achieve this kind of union.

We are all unique in this world and we live life in our own way. When it comes to love, we have to fit in and make things work, forcing others to fit into our lives never works. The people in your life will never be the way you want them to be or do the things you want them to do exactly the way you want them to do and it is important that you accept that.

Truly enlightened unions are a matter of acceptance and understanding. You accept your lover for who he is, and you understand that as you both move forward, differences arise. Things will not be perfect, but they will be completely imperfect for the two of you in your life together.

The sooner you realize that you can’t change others, the easier it will be to let them. You do the things they do for their own reasons and you try to understand that the best option is always to get them to do things differently. In this way, you can learn to understand each other on a much deeper level.



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