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We All Have That One Person Who Disturbs Us.

You will never find true love if you don’t accept these five things

  1. True love requires work.
    Some people will tell you that true love is easy and always fun, but that’s not the case. Love takes work. Love can be hard. But true love feels good.

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  1. You have to respect boundaries.
    When you love someone, it’s not a merger. They’re not yours. Their business isn’t yours. You have to respect their boundaries or you risk losing them forever.
  2. Communication is necessary.
    Open communication is absolutely necessary, otherwise, you risk falling into a freefall.

Even these unpleasant and uncomfortable things require conversation. Ignoring them will lead to resentment, which will end the strongest relationship.

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  1. You have to live with a goal.
    If you want to attract true love, you have to live your life with a goal, whatever it is. Even if you are not sure of your goal, live, and act consciously.
  2. Love does no harm.
    We all know the song “love hurts”. I totally disagree. Love does not hurt. Love should do good. If you have a love that hurts, it is not true love.


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