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This Is Why Female Twin Flame Runners Are So Hard To Find.

Twin Flame relationships consist of two major phases; the chasing stage, and the runner stage. In the running stage, one of the twins has to run away in order to create a soul shift.

But if you dive into the stories of twin flame relationships, you usually find that the runners are mostly male. Female runners are so rare and hard to find. But why are female runners hard to find?

Gender isn’t important in Twin Flame relationships, gender doesn’t have an important role in them, being a male or a female is irrelevant. Twin Flame relationships have a purpose shared by both partners and they go through the same experiences.

But of course, the challenges of a male and a female aren’t similar. When we speak about twin flame relationship runners, the runner characteristics aren’t mentioned properly, we don’t know whether it should be a female or a male. It’s only seen as a necessary stage to have.

But then, why are female twin flame runners so rare:

Feminine energy that women carry is important in every relationship. They are more into the spiritual world than men. While masculine energy without doubts dominates the physical world.

Obviously, it can’t be said that women are complete feminine energy. We are each of them a blend of energies and there are no selective rights to one sort of energy. In perfect condition, masculine and feminine energy should adjust one another.

In a single person, it is once in a while in the agreement. In any case, when somebody comes into a Twin Flame relationship, that parity is nearly accomplished.

Since you are female, you are now established in your otherworldliness. The female vitality inside you is extremely high thus, you are probably going to be a Chaser.

However, if you have increasingly masculine energy inside you, at that point you can, in the long run, become a sprinter. It’s not about sexual orientation. It’s about the vitality dissemination in your body – the sort of energy you have.



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