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The Way To Win Against A Toxic Person Is Not To Play

There are poisonous people all over the world and we cannot avoid them completely. We can certainly limit our exposure to them, but they will always find ways to get closer to us than we would like.

One of the things I have learned about poisonous people, above all, is that they don’t feel bad about the things they do and don’t want to apologize, even if they apologize and say they are sorry. When it comes to really poisonous people, they will never get the apology they deserve because the truth is that they don’t feel bad about what they did. Really toxic people do not see their misdeeds as misdeeds.

The more you give them, the more they will try to take. They will use you and spit you out again and again as long as you allow them to. Their motives are never what they should be, and they never care about anyone’s welfare except their own.

Toxics will manipulate you, use you and waste your time to the fullest. They will not see you as someone on their level. They feel that they are above you and that you should take advantage of them when in fact you don’t owe anyone anything, period.

Poisonous people are completely incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and instead of being decent people and making peace, they will only push things further. They will fight to the end and do everything possible to deceive you. As someone who sees through their shit, you have to be persistent and understand that the things that person does are not your fault, you cannot control them.



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