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The Valentine’s Day Energies May Not Be All Hearts & Roses

This February brought us an amazing Full Moon and we’re soon going to have the first Mercury retrograde of the decade. The combination of the energies of these two celestial events together if going to be a spoil-sport for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is usually a happy and lovely day, but this year, it’s going to bring you some frustration.

Mercury is going retrograde on the 16th of this month, but before it arrives, we can already feel its energies. Thus, wait for some mood swings and a lonely feeling in this week of love.

It isn’t difficult to manage these feelings but you’ll get irritated by them. Touchy individuals can see effectively that the impact of Mercury going Retrograde is felt more before it really occurs.

The Full Moon that occurred on ninth February may assist you with continuing on through this circumstance.

It is so because the Full Moon has carried energy and eagerness with it. This enthusiasm should prop you up during this troublesome time.

You need to keep a balance between getting over emotional and not feeling anything by any means. The manner in which you decide to deal with this time will choose the eventual fate of your relationship.

Along these lines, attempt to stay as grounded as conceivable because the Full Moon has additionally gotten some pressure.



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