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The new version of yourself is currently receiving a new mirror. You need to be prepared for a significant energy change

 The new version of yourself is currently receiving a new mirror. Prepare for a major energy change

The old contracts of souls and karmic relations are currently dissolving. New mirrors are presented to you to share the work you have done.

The new one deserves a new mirror, know that the transfer takes place behind the scenes. Things will change for the better, have confidence.

The following article does not talk about romantic relationships, friendships, or partnerships, but about what we call Soul Contracts, when two people come together and share a relationship to gain wisdom and knowledge together.

“Karma manifests itself in relationships. The people you meet, the expectations you have, the circumstances in which you find yourself, the kind of marriage or other association you are in are the means you have chosen to grow and evolve towards what you need to be ” ~ Judy Hall.

The new mirrors are now available to accompany you on the path of freedom, growth and purpose.

As you evolve in life, different important partners have come and come to you to support you, teach you, send you back what you need to see and heal in you.

When you reach and take a new, meaningful and energetic step in your personal path, as you are doing right now, new mirrors come your way. These vibrate at a frequency similar to yours. That’s why mirrors have recently begun to change for you.

At each important stage of your sacred and golden journey, new people and especially partners are at your disposal so that you can grow, evolve and continue to develop your awareness through the stimuli that relationships of all kinds offer.

Some previous partnerships and sacred unions can not accompany you for the rest of the journey, at least not now, simply because they have not evolved like you in recent months and years.

It was these people who attracted you until recently, because there was more to learn and heal. In other words, you had to find your way out of karmic dynamics.

When one of the partners in a given relationship grows sufficiently to go beyond the codependency, the abuser, the hunter-runner or any other growth / trigger / healing dynamic that takes place there, he becomes able to move away from the repetitive loop, and therefore of the relation itself because the relation consisted in finding its roots, its way of being and functioning in this model, in the karma itself.

In this case, the “ex-mirror” becomes a “normal” person for them, and the heaviness, depth and attraction fade.

New mirrors are available when the previous ones can not return anything you have not healed yet.

New mirrors and contracts are presented when the previous ones taught everything they could, when the lessons are learned, healed and the Karma is dissolved.

When two souls have nothing to learn at the level of the soul, the energetic link dissolves in order to free them space to find a new partner or teacher in tune with the class of souls they desire now patronize.

The Divine Feminine has recently learned to evolve alone through difficult and karmic partnerships often described as Twin Flames, while the Divine Masculine, their counterparts, have meanwhile learned to be honest, true to themselves, and to let the Feminine will leave if it can not offer them what it needs, what it wants and what it deserves according to the depth, the authenticity and the inner power that it has developed.

In the higher realms, the Sacred Partners shake hands while the one who leaves your path of personal growth passes to the one who follows.

Know that obsolete Soul Contracts are dissolving, because when lessons are learned, a given soul gets graded, passes the final tests, and is finally accepted into a new class.

This is the next transfer that life had planned for you a long time ago.

Congratulations. You did the work. And life is about to meet you exactly where you are now, offering a brand new physical mirror to walk the sacred path.

This article is based solely on testimonials, culture and the personal experience of or authors.


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