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The 10 unique behaviors associated with empaths: Is it a blessing or a spell to be an empath?

Many people around the world are beginning to realize that they could empathize. This can be a blessing or a curse.

Once we learn to protect ourselves, it will be easier for us to travel the world without being energetically destroyed every day.

These are the ten strange behaviors we will have when we are truly empathetic:

1- We accept the energy of others.
We can’t help ourselves. It will be an essential feature of empathy. We feel the energy and emotions of others from within, and then we begin to reflect those same emotions. When someone cries, it makes us cry too.

When someone around us is angry, we can feel the anger burning in our aura. When someone around us is fearful, negative, or anxious, we lose favor with that person and it seems that there is nothing we can do to stop it.

When we realize that this is not the norm, we are already halfway to finding a way to manage our special abilities.

2- A very natural intuition.
Empaths have genuine abilities that ordinary people don’t have. So those of us who are empaths feel things physically. We know how others feel just by looking at them. We can talk to someone and know their intentions without even hearing them.

We understand what these people feel like an extension of ourselves. Our intuition never goes out.

3- People exhaust us easily.
Sometimes this can be the biggest stressor for empaths. When we are with other people, we are very open and we devote the energy we have to other people’s problems. This will tire us out.

If we are constantly around other people and voluntarily give up our energy, we may not even have anything left for ourselves. We become more and more exhausted so that it is impossible for us to be with others. In any case, something has to change. The best thing we can do is to step back and not distribute our energy so easily so that others don’t exhaust us.

4- We attract people who are broken.
Those who are looking for energy can feel that we are willing to give it away for free. They may come to see us in public places because we let them know that we are willing to give our time and offer our help to strangers.

It can be great if we do not run out of energy. When empaths start ignoring strangers with problems, they magically stop approaching them. They no longer feel their energy. This means that we were not brought to planet Earth to heal everyone around us.

5- Crowded places have a negative effect on us.
This may seem strange to many people, but not to those who are empathetic. Cities, events, crowded halls, or even parties can overwhelm our senses. Crowds of people are a nightmare for empaths.

Someone who aggressively overtakes us can feel a violent slap in the face.

6- Our position in life is important.
Empaths often feel the pain of the world when they want to or don’t want to. Many empaths choose to live in areas where the population is smaller and the energy level is not as high.

Living in a very active area can exhaust us. We prefer to walk in an isolated area to recharge our batteries.

7- We are quite sensitive.
This is certainly the most typical characteristic of empaths. Some empaths may even experience certain physical symptoms that are often related to what other people feel.

If there is an unpleasant scene on television, we are allowed to leave the room if we cannot bear to see or even feel it



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