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Thank You For Existing.

For this person, you must not make any promises, change yourself and your life completely or give it all the stars of heaven.

Giving your genuine care and attention should be enough. And they will believe in your love without having to give any proof whatsoever.

You don’t always need to try to keep the flame burning because they are more than able to keep you warm and safe thanks to the love they feel for you.

The fact is that if someone is not in love with you, he will continue to search you for things that you do not like or that annoy you. Even the smallest thing will trigger their discontent.

Finally, they will start to avoid you, because what happens between you will not be love, but a pure habit

So consider whether you need to consume your entire time on earth legitimizing and meeting the desires for other people – and you will always be unable to do it in such conditions.

Do you believe it merits proceeding to clarify your goals and battle for your deficiencies, on the grounds that as a general rule we are people and we all have them?

Wouldn’t you say it’s smarter to be with somebody who will be glad for you and who takes you for who you are without needing to transform you?

Since, when you place your defects in the focal point of your consideration and give them meaning, you are simply starting to suffocate in blame.

There are no ideal people. There are just people we need around us – individuals without whom we can not live. So be with somebody who will be upbeat since you are alongside her.

Somebody who doesn’t put down you with his consistent words yet keeps you adored and cheerful by compensating you with his love and care.

I trust you discover this individual very soon, and in the event that you’ve just done as such, keep it close and upbeat in light of the fact that recollect, it’s a two-way road. To get it, we should give it!

And once in a while say: ”Thank you for existing, my love!”


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