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Strong Women Always Fall For Emotionally Unavailable Men

We all knew her, this strong, confident, independent woman. She carries herself with strength and serenity, with her head held high and fire in her eyes. Whatever life’s challenges are, she is ready not only to face them but to master them and be victorious. There’s nothing she can’t handle, right?

There is one area of your life where you seem to be struggling. Despite her beauty, charm, charisma, and intelligence, her love life still leaves much to be desired. You spend a lot of your life in your own bachelor’s life. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t need a man in her life and is very aware of that. However, when she decides to open her heart and let someone in, it seems that it is never someone who will be able to return her affection.

Psychologists call this phenomenon “traumatic love”. On an unconscious level, these independent women are attracted to emotionally inaccessible men. It may sound a little crazy after all these women had to know their worth, right? Although they seem to be better adjusted and more confident than the rest of the population, many of these women fight the same battles for their self-esteem, only they hide it better. This allows them to form a strong and unwavering front, but behind the scenes, these weaknesses remain.

They are economically independent and do not need anyone to care for them or support them. In fact, they already have a pretty good life and don’t want to turn it upside down, so they often avoid men who dominate the alpha and those who might try to control their lives. If instead they choose men who are not tied down, controlled or too involved in their lives, they believe they will have the best of both worlds. Because who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too?



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