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She Realized How Strong She Actually Is When You Pushed Her Away.

This is not the kind of person who would cry for you for months on end. This woman is too powerful to waste time like this. She would probably be devastated at first, but she wouldn’t let it destroy her.

When you pushed her away, you helped her realize how emotionally strong she is.
This torture has taught her that she should never settle for less than she deserves. Losing her was the best thing that could happen to her. That’s how she realized her true worth. She saw that she didn’t deserve to be treated the way you did.

Make no mistake, she loved you. She was willing to give up everything for you. She wanted to grow old with you. But you didn’t appreciate her devotion in time. You didn’t realize how much she supported you and wanted you to succeed. You were blind to her incredible loyalty and devotion to your relationship. The relationship you so unexpectedly ended.

Furthermore, she may still love you, but she would never let you go over her head. I would never let you abuse her like that again. When she saw that your love had ended, she knew she had to let you go. She knew that a person who isn’t sure how she feels about her is not worth her precious time and energy.

By pushing her away, you helped her reconnect with herself.

This woman was never someone I could easily manipulate. She was always aware of her thoughts and feelings about herself. As soon as she felt that you no longer appreciated her, she decided not to try anymore. She valued her energy too much to waste it on a dead thing. She also knew that no matter what happened, she would be able to heal herself and come back to life.



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