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Long Distance Relationships: A Love Spread Across The 7 Seas

“Our love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”   
– A Walk To Remember

As he attracted me closer once and for all, everything around me turned into a haze. The hints of the moving wheels of bags, and families clamoring around eased back as though time were halting. I took in his new aroma, apprehensive that sometime I’d overlook, as I feel his cheek brush against mine, and his lips moving as though to state something, against my dim locks.

He lately couldn’t seem to say those three valuable words I’d been longing to hear, but even that, I knew the tune that his heart was singing. It was an extraordinary tune of love, a tune that no one bu tI could hear, a tune implied distinctly for me. I shut my eyes in expectation, and rather than ‘I love you’, he whispered, ‘I’m here to stay’.

My inner parts went numb, and my eyes augment as they got ignored. I ended up maneuvering endlessly to investigate his coffee eyes, looking through them as though I had seen them just because. What’s more, in his eyes, I found the solace of a thousand sweaters, of a hundred teddy bears, and a bed brimming with cushions. I looked as his long dim lashes cleared down to give me his mark wink, and his lips ascend into a grin.

Incapable to hold back my tears, I grasped him once and for all. I hung tight, longer than I ought to have, as others inquisitively viewed us. Crushing him one final time, I snatched my packs and strolled through security. What’s more, as I thought back, I saw him remaining there, hands stuffed in his pockets. His demeanor indistinguishable to other people, eyes shimmering and jaw gripped.

Furthermore, I knew that he would forever be my hardest goodbye.

Beginning to look all starry eyed at had been the keep going thing at the forefront of my thoughts when I ventured off my plane into the hot mugginess of Sri Lanka. Be that as it may, when I loaded onto my plane that was going home, I realized that home could never simply be a spot for me any longer. Home currently was in the arms of an individual. The arms of the person I had gone gaga for. Home was presently twenty thousand miles from where I lived, twelve time zones away.

When I strolled from his grip, each moment felt like 60 minutes. Also, consistently felt like a day. Consistently appears for eternity. In any case, for him, I will stand by everlastingly and a day.



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