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If she has these 10 qualities then do everything you can to keep her.

Unlike what most women think, men also look for the right woman to settle down with. Because not all men are self-absorbed bastards, they too are looking for a reliable partner to spend the rest of their lives with. Believe it or not, men also have bad relationships with unworthy women, they get heartbroken too because a woman hurt they are just better at hiding that kind of stuff.

But men should know that there are precious gems out there that deserve the best treatment. Some women out there truly need the best treatment a man can offer because they are simply worth it.

Women that appreciate you and truly love you and chose you for who you are not for you have are going to show you that life is beautiful and simple. So if she has these 10 qualities then do everything you can to keep her.

1. She understands and fixes you

Let’s face it, we all have imperfections, we all make mistakes, and we all go through really bad days and we experience really negative emotions. The perfect one will always try to make you feel better and will be able to make you navigate through the dark to find the light. She will understand what you are facing and will not judge you and will do everything she can to cheer you up.

2. She makes you feel free

Every man is afraid of ending up in a relationship that will make him imprisoned and suffocated. But there are some women despite them having a lot going in their lives, they always place their man in the center of their lives, and if you are with a woman like this, hold on to her.

She will give you free time and personal space because she knows that it is important to have some time for yourself. If you are out with the boys for some drinks she will call you to tell you to have some fun and she will not call or text you again unless if there is an emergency. And when she gives you personal time and space you will find yourself missing her a lot.

3. Trusts you completely

The absolute foundation of any relationship is trust. She will not interrogate you every time and she will not go through your phone behind your back. And she will never accuse you of cheating out of the blue for no reason.

If you don’t trust each other then there is no point in staying together. lack of trust generates jealousy and builds up hate overtime. If she trusts you completely then you should really do your best to keep her.

4. Finds you funny

There is absolutely nothing better than a good laugh with a loved one. Women really love men that can make them laugh. If you make her laugh then make sure that she loves you. I guess you finally found use to your sense of humor.

If she finds you funny then it is a good sign that you two are getting along.

5. Knows how to have fun

If she can make you have fun even after a long boring day, or if she enjoys watching movies while between your arms then she is the one. If you can smile just by being around her, then she is precious. You will find more joy in life when you are with her.

When she is around you will no longer find house chores or shopping boring anymore.

6. Believes in you

If the woman you love believes in you, then even the sky is not the limit for you. You should appreciate the woman that believes in you even when you fail to believe in yourself.

Just a few encouraging words from her are going to motivate you to the bone. You will regain your trust and you will regain that missing trust and you will be motivated more than ever to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals.

7. Loves you for who you are

We have to admit that men deal with much more life pressures than women, that is why they are not looking for a keeper or a caretaker, they look for their significant other, they look for someone that accepts them the way they are.

Sure there is always room for some minor changes but is she accepts you the way you are and does not complain about your imperfections then keep her because she is a gem.

8. She inspires you

She will not try to change you to fit that perfect boyfriend standard because to her you are above her standards and you are her significant other. Even though she doesn’t want to change you, but in one way or another, you feel like you have to be better just for her.

She will make something appear in you to constantly try to be a better person and companion just for her. You will feel that she is the reason that pushed you to be a better person.

9. Respects your family and friends

Let us be clear sometimes friends and family are the reason for numerous couples fights. Very few women are going to get along with your friends and family, but a lot of them really feel uncomfortable and will always talk to you about them badly.

But if she doesn’t like your friends and family but treats them with respect and never spit out bad thoughts about them, that means that she loves you. If she respects people that are close to you it means that she really loves you.

She might not like them at all times, but she will respect them and never talk trash about them. By doing so, she will show you that she loves you enough to treat the people that are important to you with respect.

10. Becomes your safehouse

If you feel comfortable talking to her about everything you feel and you tell her details about everything that is going on in your life. If you feel comfortable and safe when she holds you and if you are comfortable with telling her good or bad news. If she makes your problems disappear when she hugs you, then she is a priceless gem.


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