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If he doesn’t have these 20 traits, he’s not your soulmate…

It’s so easy to make a list of all the things you find unattractive about a soul mate, but making a list of all the things you find desirable is a whole different story! What qualifies a person as a life partner?

Some people spend their whole lives looking for the person they should be with, only to discover that the person of their dreams has never shown up. For many people, the idea of this is completely terrifying, and for good reason, no one wants to be alone.

The person they are with seems pretty perfect, but is it? Is the person you are with your soul mate or just a solution that you hold onto for a while and then leave again? Check the signs below to find out. You may be in the presence of your soul mate right now and not even realize it.

1- believe you are the best at what you do

He appreciates and admires your abilities and believes in you without a doubt.

2- Random events have brought them together.

The story of how they met seems almost surreal. He came into your life out of nowhere.

Three, he finds your flaws as impressive as you do.

He likes everything about you, even your quirks. There’s nothing wrong with his eyes.

4- He always looks at you.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

5- He knows how you like your coffee.

He takes the time to pay attention to the little things about you.

6- You never have to try to impress others.

You’re happy to be by his side. He never needs to try to impress you, and he doesn’t expect you to impress him.

7- He is always by your side, but he calls you when he needs you.

He’ll listen to you all you need, but if you’re wrong, he won’t stand by. He’s the reality check you need sometimes.

8- you seem to be able to read each other’s minds.

They know each other so well.

9- Treat your pets like the family members they are.

Don’t neglect the things that are important to you. If your pet is important to you, it is important to him. (Which is good because he loves animals).

10- He can empathize with your feelings.

Being empathetic and understanding is so important in a relationship. If you don’t show empathy for your feelings, it may be time to say goodbye!



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