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How To Love Someone With Depression The Right Way.

Most people believe that having depression and living with it makes you an unlovable person. And that’s exactly what revolves inside depressed people’s heads. They always ask the question; “How could someone love me when I can’t even love myself?”

“Love yourself if you want others to love you”, this phrase doesn’t apply on depressed people. Because they’re struggling to love themselves more than anything. But sometimes, you can’t change the way you feel about yourself no matter how hard you try.

People fail to address the fact that you’re being loved by another person will help you diminish depression or at least reduce it. Maybe it wouldn’t go away fast but at least when you know that someone truly loves you, no matter how dark your things can get, it will definitely help you.

So how do you love someone with depression? How do you help someone overcome the battles you can’t understand?

1. Through acceptance.

You should accept that you’ll never understand what are they going through and that their internal battles are never going to be shaped as words for you to understand. Accept and understand this. And when you learn to accept things as they are, but still love your partner, you’ll see this simple gesture’s impact on them.

2. You’re going to see a side to them they hate.

You are their reason to hide the side they hate the most about themselves. They hide it from people, but they’re not going to hide it from you because they love you and they want you to see their darkest side just like you see their brightest. You are their light and they want to show you their darkest in order to help them embrace and accept it.



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