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Here’s Why Your Blunt Friends Are The Best Friends To Have

Even though your direct friends may sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, they are probably the best friends you have. They are useful for many reasons and almost always there when you need them, aren’t they?

Of course, most people tend to neglect them, but they are very important for this world and for its functioning. Direct people are willing to say the right things, even if it is difficult to get them out. They are able to live as authentically as possible for themselves and they do not hide their feelings.

Here are some reasons why unscrupulous people find the best friends and what you should value about yourself. Even though they may annoy you from time to time, they are really there when you need them. Direct friends are not always sure that you see what you need to see rather than what you want to see.

12 reasons why your close friends are your best friends

  1. They never sweeten things.

Your close friends do not waste time telling you how things are. Even if they don’t want to bother you, they know that glossing things over won’t help anyone. If you need to listen to something, you know that you can talk to them without worrying about the extra “bull” that some people like to bring to the mix.

  1. you know that they care about you.
    Your direct friends care about you, they make sure you know that. They are there for you when you need them, and they don’t transfer you like others do. When something comes up, they are clear, and that makes their emotions about you very present in your life.
  2. They know what they want in life.
    Your direct friends are not the kind of people who sit around and wait for something to happen in your life. They go out and make things happen for them. They know what they want and what they do not want. That is something they talk about a lot.
  3. they know how to make you smile.

Your brutal friends know how to make you laugh and how to make you smile. When you are feeling bad, you know that you can be taken care of. Even if they sometimes use tough love to get their message across when you really need it to cheer you up, you know they will.



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