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Don’t Stay With Someone Who Does Not Want You

If he is showing you signs that indicates he does not want you anymore, don’t waste your time texting or calling him, don’t try to impress him in order to get him back, this is not worth it if he let you go then you too should let go.

Don’t feel sad and stop trying to make him stay because you are only going to waste time and effort and probably going to end up feel more bad and you will most likely hurt your own feelings.

If he shows you signs that he no longer has interest in you then let him go and don’t start thinking about ways to get him back unless he is making efforts to have you as well, then you can consider it, but if he doesn’t, then you have to let him go.

It is not an easy thing to do, but you should find a way to move on, because if it wasn’t meant to be, nothing you’ll do will make things work, and you probably know that love is not forced, so don’t waste your time and effort.

If he is no longer interested then don’t go the extra mile to make things work or to have a portion of his time or to find a way to make him see you. If he loves you he will show it and he will feed you his love.

If he loves you, he will contact you and he will show up in the good and the bad, he will do everything that is supposed to be done by choice not by obligation.

If he is not ready to be devoted for a relationship then don’t risk and dive in with him, it is not worth it.

Don’t wait for him to be ready, you will only waste your time, because if he decides to not be a committed guy, you will know that all the time was wasted for nothing. Or if you decide to go on in a relationship with him anyways you will find yourself in a bad one.

Don’t wish for a good treatment and attention from someone like that, because things does not change over night and sometimes they don’t change at all, so stop wasting time and efforts.

If he doesn’t give you enough attention or he does not give the relationship enough time, he will never do so, stop wishing for things like that to happen because if he was really into you he would of done everything to make things work, and this only indicates that he do not care.

Don’t change yourself to force him to like or love you, because if he has any feelings for you, he will accept you the way you are. If he loves you he won’t let you change yourself or fix your imperfections, because he loves you with all your flaws and imperfections, and because they are what make you unique.

If everything does not feel in place, then don’t try to force things together and make everything fit in places they are not supposed to be in.

Love should not be one sided in a relationship, both ends should contribute the same amount of feelings, you should not constantly give and take nothing back, you both should show love to each other.

Love should not be forces, because it will only feel like a struggle that will probably destroy you. Love should be a gateway to good experiences and laughter, not battles and conflicts, it is not how it’s supposed to be.

Somtimes when we really want love, we push ourselves to bad relationships and force ourselves to think that pain is a part of it when in reality it should not be like that. Love is about everything that is good and does not involve pain.

It is normal to wish for things to work in our favor, but this will lead to us accepting anything that comes along the way, and sometimes we end up accepting only fractions of what we deserve.

In reality, things are not supposed to go down tha road, because when you will find your soulmate, you will realise that all those choices were bad and that all the sacrifices you made were mistakes.

When you will find your soulmate, you will know that love is not hard and it is not something to b forced, but it is like water, it flows smoothly.

When you get to experience real love, and when you both share it, you will know the experience of giving and taking, you will find yourself spending time with him without one of you trying to force the other into any kind of meeting, because it just happens.

When you find your soulmate, you will feel a mutual attraction between you two. You will both find time for each other without having to force anything in any way.

When you both love each other, you will both make things work because both of you feel deeply connected to each other, problems will be solved and any thing that life throws at you, you will both find a way to overcome it.

It will not always be rainbows and sunshine, but your love will always carry on existing because it is real, and through it you will be able to overcome the obstacles easily.

You will always know that things are going to work out even when things does not go as planned for you, because having someone by yourside is enough to give you the will to go on, and through that person things can even work out better than you have anticipated.

If you are with someone that does not make you feel great, and everything with him should be forced, then let go and move on until you find your true lover to experience the smoothness of LOVE.


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