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7 Telling Signs You Are Toxic To The People Surrounding You.

“Am I poisonous?”

Do you ask yourself this question? Do you wonder if you’re a problem to the people around you?

Toxic is a word that is used a lot today, but it can be difficult to know what it really means and if you are really toxic.

Therefore, in this article, we will examine 9 clear signs that you are the toxic person in people’s lives.

But before we get stuck on these signs, we must first define what it means to be toxic.

Which means “toxic”
A poisoner is someone who causes others to have a guilty conscience through their actions or words.

They do more harm than good to others and leave people exhausted, emotionally drained, and negative.

It’s obvious that there are different levels of toxicity.

Some people are very toxic, which makes even short sessions even more painful for everyone. Others cause damage over a longer period of time.

Are you a poisonous person? Here are 9 characters

1- Very needy
Anyone can use a hand occasionally, but you need constant attention and help.

They turn every molehill into a mountain, every bump in the road into a rock, and every crack in life into an abyss as wide and long as the Grand Canyon.

Not only do they need constant support, but they do not learn and grow from their experiences. Instead, you see it as a good excuse for something not to succeed, let alone try.

While your relationships have begun well and you seem to just want to spend a lot of time with your family and friends.

But over time, your need for attention isolates your loved ones from others.

You just want them to spend time with you, to pay attention to you and you alone. As a result, your obsession makes them lonely.

Yet you feel justified in needing his help, don’t you? Your life is one big struggle, isn’t it?

What if they don’t show up? If they dare to mention that they have other things and other people in their lives… You make them feel guilty for bringing it up.

The effort they have to invest in you exhausts them and devours them physically and emotionally.

Moreover, it is a one-way street: everything must be taken and nothing must be given. The worst thing is that all your efforts are never enough.

You’re never satisfied with all the attention you get. If they don’t do enough, eventually you’ll go to someone else who you think is a better source for what you need.

2- that you only care about yourself
They don’t care about other people’s feelings and opinions. Your pleasures are not important. They are only a reminder of their own (obviously better) achievements.

The same goes for negatives. Every time someone tries to share their unhappiness, pain, or anger, you end it with a story of your own (obviously worse) tragedy.

And speaking of negative things… You reverse these situations.

Instead of taking responsibility for a negative event on your part, you make it 100% your fault. These are the “culprits” who have broached such a boring subject or participated in such a thoughtless action.

And no matter how small the decision, it’s your road or the highway that counts. The end result is that you make people feel neglected, unvalued, and unloved.

All around you, people are lonely. We are so “in” ourselves that there is no interpersonal connection.

Others are only there for a specific purpose: to boost your self-esteem, to pay for your overnight stay, to fix something in your house, etc.

3- you are incredibly manipulative
Manipulators are essentially liars. They pretend to be friends, but in reality, they only use others for their own needs. So there is no truth in your relationships with others.

To achieve your goals, you spend a lot of time in detective work to find out what your prey likes and what makes it tick.

This information will help you build a more personal network for each victim and thus attract them more effectively.

This coldness and attention to detail show that you don’t have a positive connection with others.

They don’t care at all about their opinions and feelings. They are only there to meet your needs.

Because of your ruse, people are confused. On the one hand, you “pretend” to be his friend.

As a result, it can take a long time before they realize they are trapped. Once they have done so, they are so deeply buried that it is very difficult to free them.

4- they speak badly of her behind others’ backs
Nothing beats a little gossip, especially if it’s someone else’s dirt.

It does not matter whether the information is true or false. If you’ve heard it, pass it on.

His main reason for spreading the word is the joy he derives from the misfortune of men.

In comparison, you feel better.

Deep down, you’re a jealous person. You measure your performance against that of others. The worse the others look, the better you look in comparison.

When people spend time with you, they can expect a “story” full of negativity: who was fired, whose relationships are in danger, who should have listened to your advice but did not, and they are well served by what happened. The list goes on and on.

Other people can’t trust you because their secrets will become your next “news flash”.

And on the rare occasions that someone does, you will most likely hurt them by telling them it was their fault… and making sure others know the bad news.



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