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15 healthy ways to fool your brain into making more oxytocin and releasing the love hormone

Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” in humans…

Some people even call it “the life hormone” because one of its main functions is to trigger uterine contractions at birth and thus promote the birth of the child. However, in smaller qualities, it relaxes the body in both women and men.

A particularly well-known example is the relaxation that people feel when they are with their loved ones. This type of whole-body drowsiness is very effective in removing tension and stress from the body.

But not everyone has someone to love. And even if we did, we wouldn’t say no to more love for chemicals, would we?

So how do you get the body to produce more oxytocin when you don’t have anyone to love?

These are the 15 natural ways to get our brains to produce the “love hormone,” which are much cheaper than dating a human:

1- Connecting with our friends.
In this modern age of social media, it’s easier to find former classmates or street friends with whom we’ve had no contact. This joyful and warm frenzy is all we need to relieve stress. The feeling of warmth will stimulate the production of oxytocin in our body.

2- Call someone we love right now.
If we are not ready to search for our long lost friend, we can simply pick up the phone and call someone close to us now. Sharing and talking with our friends will give us a positive outlook and help our body release more of this “love hormone”.

3- Put on the headphones and remove the noise.
We should plug in our headphones to listen to relaxing and soothing music. This can be classical music or just nature sounds while we work. We should put ourselves in the zone and free our minds from disarming sounds. The beautiful music will stimulate our brain to produce oxytocin.

4- We should eat tryptophan.
Some foods contain more tryptophan, which has been shown to stimulate the production of oxytocin. Foods rich in tryptophan include eggs, bananas, brown rice and quinoa, yogurt, sesame, nuts, cashews, salmon, beans, potatoes and legumes. We will see the big difference when we add these foods to our diet.

5- We need to take long, deep breaths.
Something as simple as several long, deep breaths can refresh us instantly. We must try to see the results. The relaxation we will feel as a result of intoxication will be an incredible sensation, and it can stimulate our brain to produce the love hormone because of the instant relaxation.

6- Communicate with ourselves.
We should take the time to enjoy our own company. This is a healthy process because we spend a certain amount of time with ourselves, in solitude. We can take a quiet walk or sit at home and laugh as much as we can at what we see or read.

7- We should try new things.
This will instill a sense of exploration and adventure, no matter how big or small the new thing we try. There will be no better way to deal with stress than real joy. Also, getting out of our boring routine will fill us with excitement and love.

8- We should give someone a hug.
One of the main reasons oxytocin is called the love hormone is that it is released when people hug or cuddle for more than 30 seconds.

9- Eating dark chocolate.
We know that chocolate stimulates the production of dopamine in our brain and that if there is more dopamine, it can also increase our oxytocin levels.



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