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10 Signs of someone with integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having good moral principles. If an individual has integrity that means he/she is kind, reliable and rectitude. Integrity is something that every one should try to reach, because it is something that we need a lot in this period of time.

It is very important to try, but it is also important to surround yourself with people who actually have integrity, because you will be inspired and influenced by them. But how can you know if someone has integrity and not faking it? First of all integrity is something that can’t be faked, people either have it or they don’t. Here are 10 signs that shows someone with integrity.

1. Being a responsible person

People with integrity are honest, whatever they do either good or bad they will take responsibility for the things they’ve done. This trait shows that a person has true integrity, because unlike some may think, baing responsible for every action you do is really hard, because sometimes it can come with a price, but people with integrity will not hesitate to pay it, simply because they know it is the right thing to do.

2. Putting others needs before there own

People with integrity are not selfish, they tend to concentrate on what is beneficial to their community. They do not do this for attention or for applause, but they do it because they know it is the right thing to do, and it is going to bring good to so many people.

3. Always trying to help others

People that are always trying to help others, and always sacrificing their time and efforts in order to give aid to those in need, are people with true integrity. They are happy when doing such things, because they always imagine themselves in need of help, that is why they always offer a hand to the unfortunate. Their acts can be either volunteer work, helping locals, or just random acts of kindness.

4. They give others the chance to explain themselves

People with integrity are always going to listen to what others have to say, because they value opinions and they believe that every opinion matters even though they may disagree with it, they think that this diversity in thoughts should be respected. They will always listen to what others have to say without judging or jumping to conclusions.

5. Being honest all the time

A person with integrity will never lie to anyone about anything, because it is against their moral code, and because integrity itself is associated with honesty, and someone that is not afraid o speaking the truth, and will always give an opinion without hesitation is a person with integrity, and is worthy of your trust.

6. Being respectful

To have integrity you have to be respectful, giving importance to everyone you meet and knowing that everyone deserves it is a sign of integrity. If someone shows respect to everyone, treats people good then he/she has integrity which makes them the best kind of persons to work with.

7. Being modest.

People with integrity will not brag about the things they accomplished, they will not express arrogance just because they’ve done things other people failed to do, in fact they will not be afraid of highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, they will always try to value everyone’s work and opinions and they will always try to be better versions of themselves.

8. Admitting being wrong

When someone is proven wrong and he/she admits it, then they are showing high levels of self respect and integrity. They will not find a hard time admitting that theyare wrong and they will not feel ashamed because of it. If someone stops and admits being wrong then they are honest and have true integrity.

9. Being reliable

People with integrity are always going to do their tasks to the fullest. If they promised something, they will do all they can to fulfill it, if you ask them to do something and they said yes, be sure that they will do anything to not let you down. One of the most important traits of integrity is reliability, if they agreed on doing something for you, they do it perfectly.

10. Being kind

People with integrity will always be kind to anyone, they will not hurt anyones feelings, and they will not be hypocritical, they will never say nice things in front of you and say the exact opposite when you are not around. People with integrity consider kindness as a strength not a weakness.

Integrity should be something that we should all try to achieve, because being a good person is something that everyone should aim for if we want to survive this world and develop not only ourselves, but our surroundings as well.


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