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You Deserve Better, Learn And Move On. (Ex Lessons)

Have you reached the point in your life where all your friends are married or in a serious and lasting relationship?

And you sit there and think, “Well, the biggest thing I did this year was go to the gym for two weeks straight.

It may sound a little sad to some people, but the reality is that you get freedom when you don’t depend on anyone. The kind of freedom you wouldn’t have if you were in a relationship. Often you don’t realize this until you get out of a toxic relationship that has lasted too long.

When you free yourself from the behavior of someone who controls your life, you finally have time to reconnect with your true self.
Instead of feeling bad about being single while your friends are building the foundation of their family, you feel good about not having to put up with someone’s horrible narcissistic nature.

When you’ve given up on the struggle and pain that person has caused you, it’s time to rebuild your life from the ground up. Although it will be difficult and overwhelming, you will rise gracefully like a phoenix from the ashes. And you will be truly grateful to the person who made you see how much you miss something. The one you thought you’d spend your whole life with is the one who made you see people’s true faces clearly.

Thanks to your ex, you are now on the right path to make your dreams come true.
You had the courage to come out of all the drama, the gaslight, and the emotional trauma. Now you need time to heal and you have to do it alone. So don’t blame yourself for being single. You should be grateful for this opportunity to recharge and find your true mission on your own.



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