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Our physical stages of evolution in connection with the 7 chakras

In our body, each of us has 7 chakras that extend from the base of the spine to the top of the head and which can and do influence our physical reality.

The word chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “circle” because the chakras are actually centers of energy. Thus, when they are in balance, they form a spine and allow energy to flow along the spine or kundalini. Sometimes the chakras can become too active, unbalanced, or even blocked, which can affect us physically and emotionally.

However, each person has the ability to balance the chakra on their own and this can be achieved in many ways, such as yoga and meditation, crystals and gemstones, healing through sound and energy, being in a high vibration environment and doing deep introspection with one’s emotions.

When these seven chakras are finely balanced, the person will feel emotionally and mentally at their best, and their physical body will be alive and vital.

For example, every seven years we have a dominant chakra for this cycle. Thus, the first seven years of our lives are connected to the root chakra, the next seven years to the sacred chakra, etc. In each of these seven-year cycles, we also climb the ladder of the seven chakras, which influence us year after year. Therefore, the first year of each seven-year cycle begins with the first chakra, which gives us more fear, insecurity, and needs for security, and then the last year of the seven-year cycle is linked to the Crown chakra, which makes us end the cycle with a more advanced spiritual vision.

The relationship of our physical age to each of the chakras in our body.
1 Year (Root) – The Root chakra is related to our security, rootedness, and family. Certain primary instincts, thoughts, and actions are also linked to the Root Chakra. In fact, we enter the Root Chakra in the first year of life. This is a time when we experience this planet for the first time in this life, as children, and it is mainly about fear, but also about the development of our fundamental feelings.

2 years (Sacred Root Chakra) – At the age of 2, we are still in the root chakra cycle, but we are mature enough to start developing our feelings and emotions through our Sacred Chakra, as this year is linked to the Sacred Chakra. The Sacred Chakra is also about creativity, sexuality, and emotions. At this age, we develop a strong bond with those we love, and we also begin to develop likes and dislikes.

3 years (solar plexus) – At this age, when we are in the cycle of the root chakra, we refer to the solar plexus chakra. This is the chakra that relates to our sense of presence and identity, and to understanding who we are in relation to others as we begin to observe the world.

4 years (Heart Root Chakra) – At this age, when we are still in the cycle of the root chakra, we also enter the heart chakra. This chakra actually represents the connection and love we have within us for ourselves or for others. If the chakra is unbalanced, it will make us fear to love, but if it is balanced, it will make our love and connection shine. At this age, we also learn our connection to the earth and even become familiar with it.

5 years (neck of the root) – At this age, we are still in the cycle of the root chakra, but we are also in the neck area. The throat chakra is concerned with communication and self-expression or the development of a healthy balance between learning, speaking, and listening. At this age, children start school and begin to better articulate their words.

6 years (root – third eye) – At this age, we are in the root chakra, but also in the chakra of the third eye. This concerns the pineal gland, intuition, and the learning of critical thinking. At this age, we also begin to think more for ourselves and develop our communication skills, knowledge, or thoughts.

7 years (root crown) – At the age of seven years we are in the last phase of the root cycle, as we are also in the crown chakra. This chakra connects our sense of spirituality with the rest of the world, and it also connects our individual consciousness with that of the universe. At this age, children begin to develop a greater curiosity about the world around them, especially about the unknown and the mystery of the universe.

Again, these are the seven-year cycles, which refer to the developmental stages of the chakras:



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