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Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness – It’s A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence

Although sometimes we have to hold back our tears, it’s usually not a bad idea to let them flow. Everyone cries, and just because you have to cry doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Although many people think that the open expression of their emotions, especially the more negative ones, is a sign that someone is unable to control themselves or is immature in general, this is not necessarily true. Those who manage their emotions correctly are not immature, they are emotionally intelligent.

General emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to be aware of their feelings and express them. Even if you don’t want to show this weak side of yourself, if you have to cry and let things out, do it. If you never express your emotions, you will end up being unhappy because they build up inside you and cause negative things in your daily life.

If you are someone who is content to pretend that everything is fine, even when it isn’t, you probably desperately need good emotional relaxation. Ignoring your feelings will lead to an increase in overall negativity and give you the impression that there is no way out. We all need to understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling things.

Crying can help you get over things, can help you move forward properly, can help you deal with the things you are going through, and in many ways can help you feel better through it all. When we cry, we let the things we feel go and treat them properly. Instead of shutting down and running away, we approach things, feel them, and then let them go.

Crying is a very beneficial part of life, it helps you release stress and it can also do wonders for the way you see things. Crying has a calming effect and is a good way to calm down. When you have cried well, you usually feel much better and less bloated inside.

As for emotional tears as a whole, Dr. Judith Orloff wrote on her website

Emotional tears have particular health benefits. Dr. William Frey, a biochemist and “tear expert” at Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, discovered that reflex tears are 98% water, while emotional tears also contain stress hormones that are secreted by the body when crying. After studying the composition of the tears, Dr. Frey discovered that emotional tears release these hormones and other toxins that accumulate during stress. Other studies also suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller and the “well-being” hormone. Interestingly, humans are the only living creature known to shed emotional tears, although it is possible that elephants and gorillas do so as well. Other mammals, as well as saltwater crocodiles, produce reflex cracks that have a protective and lubricating effect.



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