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Be Brave Enough To Leave The Person Who Won’t Commit To You.

The most frustrating part of meeting someone is when you meet a man who tells you all the beautiful adjectives he knows, but always leaves you perplexed as to the veracity of the words that come out of his lips. You find it hard to believe that a man who looks like someone in a magazine is really attracted to you.

For a moment you think: maybe that’s your next mistake. Maybe you’re misinterpreting his intentions. Or maybe he just needs something from you and he’s just being polite.

But if he tells you he likes you, you know it’s more than just a courtesy. You respond by saying that you feel the same way when your heart jumps up and down on your chest.

Everything happens so fast: one moment you’re talking about random things in life, the next moment you’re both revealing what you like about each other. He seems like the perfect man everyone wants in life. Unlike other men, he knows exactly what he wants for his future. He’s mature, responsible, and kind. He’s the kind of man you’d be ashamed to take for granted.

But here’s the trick: he’s not interested in a serious relationship with you. And then it occurs to you that it’s too good to be true.

You wonder if you can handle dating someone like that if you like not having labels if you can invest emotionally in a man who will let you out of his life whenever he wants. You wonder if it’s worth falling in love with someone who can’t, and maybe never, commits to you.

You take some time to think about this and realize that the answer is simply no.

Any words you send to your brain may not be true, because if a person really means what they say, it will be reflected in their actions. There will be no broken promises, no confusing gestures, no ulterior motives. If he really loves you, he will sacrifice for you.

But if a man tells you openly that he can’t meet you halfway, be brave and leave.



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