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9 Signs To Figure out If A Person Is Jealous Of You

Jealousy is a complex and difficult feeling to understand and can manifest itself in many different ways, including humiliation, fear of abandonment and anger. Often accompanied by shame or embarrassment, most of us hate to admit that we have had this experience, even though each of us has had it before.

As therapist Esther Perel explains, “It is a culture that does not tolerate emotions. Most people don’t talk about jealousy because the feeling itself is taboo.

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What drives the jealousy that triggers this toxic feeling towards the other? Jealousy is natural and largely instinctive and protects other deeper feelings we experience, such as shame, insecurity or obsession. To truly understand our feelings of jealousy, we must first identify this root cause, which can be difficult and unpleasant to investigate.

Even more confusing than understanding our own feelings of jealousy is the challenge of understanding these feelings in someone else. How do you know if someone is jealous of you, rather than treating you badly in general?

Here are 9 signs that someone is jealous of you:

1- you celebrate your failures.

One of the most common and also most poisonous ways of rising above others is to knock them down first. If someone is jealous, they may also hold this belief and celebrate their failure to encourage others to look down on them. They may even try to get you into trouble at the office.

2- brag about their successes.
If someone is jealous of their successes, they may feel the need to prove they are as good or even better in order to minimize their success. To achieve this, they will actively strive to “outdo” you by focusing on their own celebrations. “There are always people who have negative thoughts, not only about others who envy (you), but also about themselves and the feeling of not having achieved their goals (which often consist of having their own business or being richer than they are),” explains author Bob Bly.



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