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10 real-life samples of extroverted Loners.

If you are like me, you are an introverted and extroverted person. You are extroverted, but you also need time to find yourself alone.

The problem is that no one really understands that. You mean I have to be introverted and need time alone, or I’m extroverted and want to be with people.

But neither describes me. I’m neither. And I think a lot of people feel the same way.

Let me tell you what happened to me a few weeks ago.

I spent Saturdays at home, alone, reading, writing, and doing things. At 7:56 p.m., my boyfriend sent me a text message saying he was planning a trip and asked me if I wanted to join him.

I was curious and replied by asking him what was going on, but he never replied.

He was torn to pieces. I could have called him to find out the plans, but I also wanted to stay home and read a book before an early evening at 10:00 pm.

Finally, I called him. It took me half an hour to make the call, then a lot of energy to put my book away and get dressed for an evening.

So instead of leaving early, I left my apartment at 9:30 p.m. and met my boyfriend for a drink. And you know what happened? I spent an incredible night dancing and having fun.

What happened the next day?

I went alone to a café to read a book. I went for a walk on the beach. I stayed in the evening and watched a movie. I didn’t talk to anyone much and I liked it.

I am an extroverted, introverted person, and that means that I sometimes get carried away by loneliness and sometimes by socialization.

Just because we like to be with people doesn’t mean we always want to talk to them.

Talking takes a lot of effort. Sometimes we like to hang out with people without talking too much. I know, it’s confusing.

that we usually prefer to meet individually rather than in a group
Individual conversations are more meaningful and lead to more in-depth discussions. We have the opportunity to get to know you and talk about what is really important to us. When I am with you individually, I will listen to you forever.

We are very bad at responding to texts because sometimes we don’t want to talk to anyone
There is nothing personal. It’s just that sometimes we prefer to interact only with ourselves rather than interacting with people. It’s a matter of humor, sometimes we have that feeling, and sometimes we want to talk to you about everything.

Although we want to be alone, we also feel alone.
This one is also confusing. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Other times, we are incredibly alone.



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