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Relax, everything is going to be okay

Every person in this world will go through hard times, everyone will think that nothing is going to workout for them; but in the end everything seems to get better it just needs some time. One day you will reach the top of the mountain and you will get to enjoy the full experience of happiness, which will erase every negative feeling you have and replace it with joy and good vibes. One day you will no longer feel the heavy burdens on your shoulders, your damaged heart will be healed and your scars will finally mend. One day you will wonder if this just a dream because you got used to bad and negative events and this happiness seems so unreal and almost too good to be true, but this only a sign that you actually climbed the wall of negative and jumped to the land of positive, and after all the dark days, months and years you finally got to see the brightest days, this will give a relieved feeling you never experienced before, and that is the true happy feelings.

When your happy days arrive, you will no longer feel tired, you won’t have be afraid, you won’t have sleeping or waking up difficulties and you will finally replace that fake smile with a real one. When your happy days arrive you will know that you have achieved something, you will feel proud of yourself , you will know that your life is on the right track and you will feel like a new person that will not worry about not being good enough. You will no longer feel obligated to satisfy the others because you only need to satisfy yourself to be the person you can ever be, and you will know that you were loved all along and you feel it. You will finally know how to get rid of the negative feelings to not poison your mind again. You will be able to see the light in the end of every dark passage, and you will know how vital it is to value yourself to rise above the bad and the negative to finally fight for yourself. You will know the feeling of home, your heart will be warm at last and you will no longer feel like an outsider. And finally you will be able to find peace that you always wanted, and through that you will know that you actually matter and that there is a place for you in this world, a place that only you can fill. You will be able to notice that everyone is different and have a their own imperfections, and you will no longer blame yourself for having these deficiencies. When you sit down and remember the hard times you’ve been through you will feel so proud of yourself because you did not surrender and you will find that all the attempts you made even if they weren’t successful, they made come this far.

It is not easy to think about finding happiness when you are dealing with so many things at the same time, but your is only playing you to think that you are not good enough or that you will never be able to find that chance to change everything, it is not easy to continue this fight that you find hopeless because everything is working against you, it is not easy to move forward when everything is dragging you backwards. In the end, you will go through it and you will win, you will be able to get rid of every negative thoughts and feelings, you will get what you always fought for.

Everything is going to be fixed, everything is going to work out for you, everything is going to be okay, you will feel happy and you will win your battle because if you lost a day it does not matter because there are many days, weeks, or even years to come, you will have other chances to win. You will find your comfort place, you will find home and peace, just don’t get stuck in the past because it will ruin your future. Everyone goes through hard times, but they don’t last forever, go on through life and fight for the sake of your happiness. Have some time for your self to think, and to realise that it is not bad to fight for happiness and darkness will not consume you forever. Get rid of the ideas that make you feel weak just because you desire a happy life. Don’t feel bad because you want love in your life, dont feel weak if you want to make yourself feel good. And don’t always try to prove yourself to everyone, just prove to yourself that you are worth it. Happiness is right there, just take off that blanket of sorrow and turn on the lights because you too have the right to have a good future.

It is not easy to carry on fighting, you will be knocked down, you will be forced on your knees; but these times never last forever, everything changes with time. These events are normal, even if they rip you apart, even if they make you feel insecure, even they force you into darkness, even if they make you feel bad; they will fade away and they will vanish. Hard times pass, and you will find a way out of the darkness into the light. Don’t end the chapter, and continue on fighting, because these events are not the end, there is always a new starting point, you just need to continue fighting to find it. Look up and you will see the light replacing the darkness that surrounded you. Just wait, the rogue waves of sorrow will pass and you will find happiness.


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