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Let God Surprise You.

You wonder when life will look for you when you will step into the light and begin to realize your dreams. You wish you didn’t feel like you were falling behind in life and love, working at a job that doesn’t satisfy you and waiting for someone special to make you lose your mind. But when you pray for a new beginning, remember that God has perfect timing.

God is waiting to heal you. He sees your deep pain, the scars you bear and the wounds you bind. He sees the pain, the trauma, the despair you can never leave behind. But he also sees you moving forward, letting go of those who have mistreated you, taming your fears and becoming more resilient day by day. And one day, when your mind is clearer and your heart is more open, he will put an undeniable opportunity and lasting love on your path, knowing that you have embarked on the journey of healing.

God will surprise you. In those moments when you cry for Him and pray for Him to save you from your difficulties, He will work silently and change things invisibly. He will help you in a way that you cannot fully understand until you are healed, and He will guide you in a direction that will eventually improve your life. And one day, you will see your life change dramatically and you will realize that every tear, every broken heart, and every prayer has brought you to this moment with the divine timing of God. You may not see His work, but when you do, you will feel pure and giddy with happiness, a moment you will treasure forever.



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