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God, Please Make My Future Bright, I’m Counting On You.

Dear Lord, I have no idea of what is coming to me, I have no idea of what my future looks like, I do not know what the future is holding for me, but please lord help me to get through the good and the bad, give me power to face anything that the future holds.

I wish that you will answer all my prayers and help me to go through this journey, I hope that you won’t make me go through things I can’t face.

God give me strength to go through anything you want me to face, either good or bad.

Dear God I failed to understand the signs, I could not understand what you wanted to tell me, I failed to link everything to understand what I am supposed to do. I just failed to decipher you messages to know what you were trying to say to me.

I am tired. I am exhausted. Every part of me is worn out.

I am sick of my life being a loop. I am tired of this routine. I am tired of everything being the same everyday, every week, every month and every year. I am tired of getting the same signs.

I don’t know what is coming for me, but I hope that the future holds better days, I hope that everything changes from bad to good. I am dying to see my life going right, I am dying to see my peaceful self.

I know that you are testing me, and I know that you will change everything, that is why I wish your guidance to help me exit this darkness and find the light. I am asking you to help me, in any way possible, I will accept anything that you decide to throw at me, but please end my suffering and show me relief.

This time I am fully depending on you, I am hoping that you will show me mercy and surprise me with a brighter future that will make me forget all my darkest. I know that you are generous enough to make go through these dark days.

I am unsure of what the future looks like but I hope that it is a good bright one, and I hope that it will make me forget about all the bad things that I went through.

I hope that you make all my wishes a reality, I hope that you will make all my dreams come true, I wish that you will make my life better, I wish that you will help me compensate everything that I lost during these dark days.

I wish that you are planning to grant me all my desires, because this time Lord I am heavily depending on you to vanish my agony, to end my sorrow and to bring comfort to my soul.

I am unsure of what the future hides, but I really hope that it holds good days, I hope that you will not let me down, because I know that you don’t dash the hopes of those who have faith in you.

I will never be able to foresee the future, I will never know what the future holds, but I can only hope that it is a good one, and I can only put my trust in you to make my life better and I hope that all my prayers are answered and all my wishes granted.


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