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Change the Vibration You are Emitting and Read Them in 3 Easy Steps

“There are only two ways to live one life. You get the feeling that nothing is a miracle. The other is like everything’s a miracle. ~ “Albert Einstein

  • Nikola Telsa wasn’t kidding when he suggested that to understand the universe, you have to think in frequencies, vibrations, and energy.

This article is not a study of the scientific aspects of frequency, but rather a study of the practical approaches we can take; first, by discovering the frequency we emit and then experimenting with it to celebrate the life we want.

Welcome to a journey of intense fulfillment that will require the acceptance of personal sovereignty and the pursuit and constant desire for personal integrity.

So we can divide the investigation into two simple steps: first, discovering or uncovering the truth about the vibrations we are currently emitting, and second, putting them on a vibration we would like most.

This last step could last the rest of our lives, but that’s where the dog is buried, isn’t it? What we will discover is that in our journey from here to there, we will discover knowledge that will inform us more and perhaps change our perspective on what we want, which may not be what we originally imagined. That’s the fun part.

In this way we may be able to better understand depression as a resistance to this process; we resist so strongly, so much that we fear the mistakes we might make on the way to what we want, that we stop.

But in this state of resistance, we forget the paradox; we have to make a mistake in order to make the right choice in the end.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein

  • First: find out the frequency

Your outer world reflects your inner world, but this huge clue is still so easy to ignore, especially if you’re not ready to change your whole life. It’s better to change one thing at a time, and the rest is absorbed; like a tornado, absorbed.

So first you have to decide which area you want to change. This may take several months of thinking, feeling in your energy field, and your vibration patterns. A good exercise is to ask yourself questions to verify the truth of the answer. Am I ready for a relationship? Yes (it doesn’t seem true). Why isn’t it true? What’s stopping me?

Another way is to feel what you want by orienting yourself to the framework of the outer/inward world. For example, let’s say you have a shitty laptop, a pile of crap that breaks most of the time. Then imagine what kind of device you want: a nice, small, shiny white laptop that fits in your bag.

Allow yourself to think about the difference in feelings between the two; you’ll find that the first feelings of want and the last feelings of abundance are reflected. But you already knew that. Deep inside, we all know it. To get to the bottom of things, we need to know why we allow the water to flow into the lake of misery.

Use the polarity to locate both the frequency you’re sending and the frequency you want to be. If you have lived in poverty and misery, a rich version of you is already waiting to make an alliance with him or her. Face it, this is physics.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein



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