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8 Reasons why the majority of men can’t deal with women with pure souls.

Generally, women struggle to find true love, they find it hard to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with. All of this goes to the fact that women with pure souls vibrate on different frequencies.

Most men fail to love women with pure souls even though they super sensitive, loving, caring, and those features are a blessing, but most men can find them as being a heavy weight to carry, and they can be the reason why the relationship never worked. Most men are not able to deal with women with pure souls, because they can’t deal with their pure and sensitive nature.

Without further ado here are 8 reasons why the majority of men can’t deal with women with pure souls.

1. They want a serious, loving, and long term relationship.

Women with pure souls are not interested in one night stands, or short term relationships. They want a serious one with a person that is ready to commit, and they don’t want to give away their love to someone that will lie and cheat on them, because they are honest no matter what the consequences are, and they expect the same thing in return.

2. They are easy to read.

Women with pure souls always speak the truth, and they give honesty a lot of value. They prefer to hear the truth rather than being lied to, even if the truth is going to hurt them. They always speak the truth no matter what and that makes them like an open book, easy to read.

3. The energy they emit is enormous.

Women always put all of their energy in things they commit to, whether it is a relationship, work, or projects, they always go all in. Despite this act is admirable and incredible that only a very few can do, most men can’t deal with this tremendous energy.

4. They can see the reality of a person.

Women with pure souls are able to see things in people most people can’t, they can see if a person is good or bad, that can see if a person is suffering or if it is at peace. They can know a lot of information about you, that is why most people neglect them.

5. They know what they want in life.

Women with pure souls are strong and independent, they go through many good and bad experiences in life, that is why they end up knowing exactly what they want and what is good for them. Some men when in a relationship with them, always try to act as they know better and try to force things into them by saying ”This is better for you”, in fact, they want to change them into something they are not, and it is simply impossible.

6. They love truly and are ready to commit.

They always want to be with someone that loves them and ready to engage in a long term relationship, that is why when they love, they love from the bottom of their hearts and commit fully. This act is often viewed as an act of obsession and this is something most men can’t deal with because they weren’t ready yet for a serious relationship.

7. They are independent.

It is true that when women with pure souls after finding the right man, they will not be able to live without him, but it is also important to know that they are independent and they want personal space too, and they like to have some time for themselves. Even if they are engaging in a relationship does not mean that they will forget about themselves, and this something that some men don’t quite understand.

8. They yearn for intimacy.

The intimacy that women with pure souls look for is not all about the sexual act. The sexual act is only a small part of it. They want a deep emotional connection with someone. They are looking for someone that will not only be connected to their bodies, but also to their hearts. They want someone that will love them deeply and that is going to accept all of their imperfections. They want to be with someone that will make them feel like they are finally home.


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