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The Bloody Truth Behind Diamonds Industry

The story always repeats itself. It is the exemplary romantic tale. The man gets down on one knee, grasps the young lady’s hand and she covers her mouth as she is overwhelmed by feelings. The man pulls out a minor box and frees it up to flaunt the shimmering precious stone wedding band before posing the inquiry, “Will You Marry Me?” They are authoritatively connected once he pops a jewel ring on her finger.

Be that as it may, there is another side to this story that never gets canvassed in the media. It is the clouded side of the precious stone. What’s more, if people in general thought about the revulsions and abominations that occur to create this mineral, maybe we would reconsider the manner in which we commend “love”.

The Human Price of Diamonds is Blood

Precious stones are viewed as an immortal, wonderful, image of affection. As the well known motto of the cartels has basically guaranteed, “A Diamond Is Forever.” They are the world’s most valuable jewels, and among the most costly. In any case, the galactic costs paid to gem specialists to have these delightful jewels is nothing contrasted with a definitive cost paid by the individuals who mine those precious stones, a different universe away.

As the romantic tale above lets us know, the buyer buys the jewel and afterward utilizes it to amaze the affection for his life in a sentimental, fantasy finishing. In any case, where does the account of the jewel start?

Additionally, somebody connects their hand… But this is the outstretched hand of a resident in a remote zone in West Africa. He likewise has every one of his loved ones close by as the tensely pause. Be that as it may, it isn’t to put a ring on his finger; rather warrior rebels are going to cut away his hand to guarantee the man isn’t permitted to cast a ballot or be associated with governmental issues, just as spreading dread all through the town — to guarantee the residents conform to the neighborhood rebel volunteer army who work the precious stone mine.

In an alternate Southern Africa town, a 14-year-old young lady thumps on the entryway of a regular citizen’s home before pulling out a firearm, and a gathering of dissidents assault the home. They take everything significant, snatch the lady’s kids and executing her before their mom.

In Central Africa, an additional 15-year-old young lady has been living in a pit in the ground from which she is raised every day, just to be assaulted by a warrior. She becomes pregnant yet at the same time perseveres through every day sexual maltreatment before being dropped over into her gap in the ground, where she lives close to the cadaver of her closest companion who was killed three weeks earlier.

Every one of these accounts are valid, and they are the immediate aftereffect of the illegal precious stone exchange.

The offer of precious stones from these revolutionary state army bunches subsidizes common wars in various African countries, as jewels are traded for weapons. Common wars have been battled in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In excess of 4,000,000 lost their lives, a lot more dislodged, and many thousands endured fluctuating degree of war wrongdoings including deliberate mutilation/removal and assault. These wars were subsidized by a similar cash – precious stones.

Furthermore, as these unpleasant demonstrations have been done for a considerable length of time, the West deliberately ignores the roots of the ‘blood precious stones’ they are flossing on their fingers and flaunting to their loved ones.

While blood jewels at first discovered their way into the worldwide market during the 1990s, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that individuals began getting mindful of the blood that was being shed for the sake of delivering and providing precious stones toward the west. From that point forward, the jewel business — like all ventures that misuse modest slave work in helpless creating countries — started a couple of conceal tasks that make the fantasy that their items originate from non-struggle zones. In any case, even “non-struggle” precious stones originate from one of the most undermined businesses throughout the entire existence of the world. This jewel industry has created one of the best showcasing plans on the planet, which makes them accept that adoration is synonymous with precious stones, and leaving the world turning its aggregate head to the violations against mankind that are routinely completed — to present to us the diamonds we accept we have to appropriately communicate sentimental, conjugal love.

How often will a man turn his head and imagine that he simply doesn’t see?

The Diamond Marketing Scheme

Jewels were first found 2,500 years prior and, at that point, were amazingly uncommon. They were just accessible to sovereignty, blue-bloods, and the rich. They were initially found in riverbeds in India and Borneo.

In the mid eighteenth century, precious stone mines were found in Brazil and as the inventory expanded the costs dropped.



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