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Sun Is Hitting Us With Hotter Winds Than Usual And This Is Why.

“Such returning electrons are reflected so that they stream away from the sun, but again they cannot escape because of the attractive electric force of the sun. So, their destiny is to bounce back and forth, creating a large population of so-called trapped electrons.”

“But some particles can escape, and when they do, they stream along expanding magnetic field lines outside the bottle. Because the physicists want to keep this plasma very hot, they want to figure out how the temperature of the electrons that escape the bottle declines outside this opening,”

“It’s very similar to what’s happening in the solar wind that expands away from the sun.”

“In the solar wind, the hot electrons stream from the sun to very large distances, losing their energy very slowly and distributing it to the trapped population,”

“It turns out that our results agree very well with measurements of the temperature profile of the solar wind and they may explain why the electron temperature declines with the distance so slowly,”

What’s your opinion about this? Could this hold the appropriate responses we have been searching for on the theme? I surmise the truth will surface eventually.


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