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Here’s The Shocking Truth About The Coronavirus Pandemic

It is probable that you haven’t experienced a pandemic outbreak, but you most certainly heard or read about past pandemics and plagues in history. The current situation can seem scary with all the masks, the drastic measures, the mass quarantines, and the growing death tolls. However, the Coronavirus isn’t as terrifying as you might have heard.

The mainstream media are doing a great job of showing only the darker side of the Coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, showing misleading headlines lead to unnecessary panic and global hysteria. This scared people into preparing for the worst by causing shortages of medical supplies (face masks and gloves), food, and household items.

Caving into the Coronavirus hype has become easy with the many stories encountered on the web. However, here’s the truth about the Coronavirus :

The Coronavirus Isn’t As Dark As It Is Portrayed.

COVID-19, the coronavirus we have today, is part of a large family of respiratory viruses found in animals and people. Its symptoms are common to those of influenza: fever, dry cough, and breathing difficulties. As it is the case with the flu, it can have serious complications like pneumonia, kidney failure, or even death, however, these are not as common as you might think.

The COVID-19 outbreak was dramatized by many media outlets, the fact of the matter is that its spread is actually lessening. Unfortunately, in China and other smaller countries, it is still running rampant. In those densely populated countries, the virus spread rapidly due to poor hygiene.

Truth be told, the common flu is actually more serious than COVID-19. This is season alone, close to 16,000 Americans have died from the flu. Unless you have a compromised immune system, health conditions, or other risk factors, you could be safe from developing complications from the Coronavirus, as you would from the common flu.

As you would prevent influenza, follow the same hygienic practices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Regularly wash your hands, keep surfaces free of germs by disinfecting them, and if you’re feeling sick please stay home.


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