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Why are Virgos so prejudiced? An astrologer answers your questions about the Burning Virgo

The employee who creates a new Excel spreadsheet for each session? Virgin. That crush you don’t seem to be breaking? Virgin. Your girlfriend who goes to the gym every day at 5 a.m. before work? Virgin.

Under the rule of Mercury, the planet of communication, it’s rare to meet a virgin without an opinion. This meticulous sign has some of its most difficult and puzzling features.

We have compiled some of the most burning questions about Virgo in the hope of explaining why they are so, well… difficult.

Why is Virgos so… critical?
Virgos is by far the most critical character. You’ll know it when a typo appears in the subtitles. You’ll know it when you tie your shoes differently. And don’t even think about not listening to her advice. If you don’t execute a plan perfectly, and depending on how you do it, you won’t find sympathy So what’s really going on beneath the surface? Virgins are so critical because they’re so incredibly self-critical. They strive for perfectionism in all aspects of their lives. They are very hard on themselves and tend to project their insecurities by judging others.

Why is Virgos so… smart?
Mercury, the planet that governs our thought and communication process, is the ruling planet of Virgo. Unless this planet screams like a nerd, I’m not sure which one does. If you couple the desire to absorb knowledge with its productivity, you essentially get an honorary student 4.0. Virgins are hardworking, productive, and they can’t stand laziness. It is in their nature (note: perfectionism) – they have an analytical mind that can handle even the most difficult concepts.

Why are Virgos so… distant?
Have you ever tried to go out with a virgin? Let me guess: Ice cream, ice cream baby. It’s hard to break down the walls of a virgin. Her systematic thought process often outweighs her emotional responses. Sounds like a robot, right? Actually, very similar. While you’re busy feeling (ew), virgin plans and thinks too much about each and every outcome. A virgin is the symbol of a virgin, and while she doesn’t define that, it can be difficult to seduce her until you win her heart and mind.



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