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Tonight’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse: Positive Energy, Emotions and Positivity.

Tonight, a New Moon is occurring in Cancer, we also get the chance to experience a Solar Eclipse coming with it! The New Moon and the Solar Eclipse are collaborating to bring optimism upon us.

This new cycle is bringing a ton of positive energy to our path. Don’t hesitate to share this amazing period with your loved ones, and share positive energy with each other.

New moons bring health and happiness with them. They are known to bring people together. So being open-minded in this period of time definitely helps to bring us together. It creates a circle of acceptance.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipses happen when the moon comes between the sun and earth. It’s so powerful because the moon overwhelms the sun and covers it up which leads to complete dullness. This month’s eclipse will be a total one, so make sure to not miss it!

This New Moon is about to end an old cycle and start a fresh new one. The impact of this New Moon will last at least for 4 weeks but the Solar Eclipse’s impact will last for about 6 whole months!

The New Moon means a new cycle, a fresh start. It’s a time to start rethinking and reconsidering your intentions. When the lunar cycle starts, it’s going to be an important night.

Of course, with our very busy life, most of us don’t have enough time to practice rituals or do something new in this night. People before used to practice some complicated rituals, but even though we appreciate them, we don’t have the time to practice them.

But you still can make it a special night by trying these things:

Take a deep breath.

Rethink about your life.

Think of how do you see yourself in the future.

Set up your goals and ambitions.

These things are easy to do, right?

This is the perfect time for enjoying and embracing everything you learned before. Celebrate equality. Take the time to see how much did you change and developed as a person. Throw all the negative energy away and embrace the present.

With this New Moon, you are becoming more spiritual and healthier. There are times when you’ll face obstacles, but don’t let them stop you. Focus on the positive side of things, learn from your mistakes, develop.

Take this time to start developing yourself. Start eating healthy, consume more organic food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Try visiting your local farmer’s market and go fishing with someone you love.

Spend more time with people you love and care about. Your family and friends deserve your love and appreciation. Listen to their advice and give them advice back. Learn to give love as well as taking it.

Wealth Check Ritual

Create a wealth check with the goal that you get a bounty in your life. Write it inside 24 hours after the New Moon. It’s not expected to put any date on the check and don’t write the sum. Simply compose Paid in Full. Put it away in any safe spot and let the Cosmos take control.


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