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This Is The Way To Watch June’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse

As you know, there will be an annular solar eclipse on the 21st of this month (June). It will not be visible to everyone, but those who stand in its way will experience a great spectacle.

Unfortunately, if you are in the United States, you will not be able to see this event in person, but if you are in the eastern hemisphere, you will be able to see most of it, and other regions will be able to see part of it to varying degrees. It is important to note that if you are in a place where the sun is visible, you should wear the correct eye protection because the sun can damage our eyes, even if they are not as bright as they would otherwise be. The path of this ring-shaped eclipse is quite narrow, but it is there and it will be a great sight.

Astrology.com wrote the following to explain this eclipse:

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far from the Earth – or the Earth is too close to the Sun – to completely cover the solar disk. The next solar eclipse on June 21 is almost total, making it the third shortest annular eclipse in the rest of the 21st century. With an annularity at the center of the eclipse of 38 seconds, only the events of May 9, 2032, and December 16, 2085, are shorter. (The annular phases of these events last 22 and 19 seconds respectively.)

According to Astronomy.com, about 13 countries will experience this eclipse, including the Republic of Congo. Although the observations for the different areas start at different times, if you can see it, you are probably already aware of this event. Of course, it won’t be as crazy as some of the eclipses we have experienced in the past, but it will still be fascinating.

Astronomy.com then wrote the following:
Above these waters, the moon’s lair covers Jabal Zuqar, the largest of the Hanish Islands, which are part of Yemen. The annular orbit at the northern end of the island lasts 1 minute and 2 seconds, while the southern end is at the edge of the annular orbit. An observer sees there – and everywhere along both edges of the ring – a long sample of Baily’s pearls.

The partial phase of the eclipse begins in Yemen, on the Red Sea coast, at 3h54m51s UT, 22 miles (35 km) southwest of Bayt al-Faqīh. This city will be destroyed in 1 minute and 5 seconds. However, the most accessible location is the capital Sana’a, with 4 million inhabitants, which is only 30 km (20 miles) northwest of the central line. A short trip to the Khawlan district gives 1 minute and 4 seconds under the arc of the moon.



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