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This 18th of May we will be looking at a FULL EMOTIONALLY INFUSED BLUE MOON.

Do you often think about clearing out your emotions? Well, say no more because thanks to the full moon that we are going to witness this May 18th is going to do that for you. This full moon is going to take us on a journey in the unknown lands of Scorpio.

Scorpio is known to be a drama attractor, it makes us make a big scene, and it amplifies our feelings especially those we are always trying to hide. This full moon is most likely going to achieve limits and a discharge suitable for the moon eclipse.

This will happen because of the status that Pluto and the Scorpio full moon are going to be in, and it is important to know that Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. You probably know that Pluto brings to mind purging, and releasing buried power or core truth, and it is considered to be the planet of creative destruction.

Also, we are going to feel like a phoenix that is rising because of interactivity with the sun of Taurus. During these moments you should take a step back and start thinking about yourself during this period of time.

Make some time for yourself to think about the long way to came from last year to this moment. Start thinking about changes that happened to you during the previous days, weeks and months as well.

The full moon of Scorpio is all about you getting rid of all of your emotions until you become emotionally empty so you can have a fresh start from there.

It is not going to be painful, well at least not to everyone. You will not have to cry to feel purged, but it can always be a possibility. This act of purging emotions will build intimacy. Furthermore, this will help us clear our minds and make room for new things, and this will make our minds better.

This process is extremely important especially if you have emotions that are consuming you. You just have to accept this purge to help yourself get rid of whatever it is that consumes you.

Get rid of every negative feeling you are holding in you. Exorcise them, and kick them out. Get rid of fear, hate, sadness and every other negative feeling that does not belong inside you.

You should do the same with painful and bad memories, you should let go of them. Kick out every negative aspect that is causing your life to crumble, do not let the negativity impact your reality. This upcoming full moon is going to help you do that, you just need to welcome it.

It is time to stop working continuously and making some time for resting and just laying in bed. Take off the adulthood quests for some time and rest.

You went through a lot, you faced a lot of things, yet you still found a way to fix everything you carried on going. Having a healthy relationship, enough money and motivation are still really crucial even during these days. They are important not because they’re on the axis of Scorpio and Taurus, but because they are important factors to us.

Venus is going to be vibrating because of the touch of Uranus. Uranus is part of the cosmic orchestration designed with a future vision in mind, Uranus is also the astronomical guide of liberation, change, and many other things.

This effect is spreading everywhere, that is why there will be financial changes, and our relationships are going to be impacted. This is also going to change our reality and expressions, it is also going to affect the things that we see important and everything that we put in a special place.

It is impossible to stop this because nothing is going to put an end to its crawling.

We just have to let it be and go along with it. From another perspective, this is good for us in the long term. Let go of the negativity you surround yourself with and give a value to the important things, and be open to the help that the universe presents to you.


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