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The largest annular eclipse of the decade will create a “ring of fire” in the sky…

As you all know, an annular eclipse of the sun will take place on the 21st of this month (June). Although we cannot see it here in the United States, it will be visible in several countries and deserves to be observed by those present.

According to the Epoch Times this “ring of fire” will be the most impressive annular solar eclipse of the current decade, which is quite intense. If you are in Africa, Pakistan, India or anywhere in these regions, you are probably already planning to attend this extraordinary event, but if not, you should probably do so. Although I will not be in a place where I can see this darkness, I will see videos of it later and perhaps even the lifestream as it passes by.

Space.com wrote the following about this eclipse:

A new moon appears on June 21st at 2:41 EDT (0641 GMT), and only 2 hours and 19 minutes before, the moon reaches the ascending node of its orbit, eclipsing the sun.

And because the Moon was at its highest point – its furthest point from the Earth – six days earlier and is 387,900 kilometers from the Earth, the dark cone of the Moon’s shadow (the Shadow) cannot make contact with the Earth, and consequently, its disk will always appear slightly smaller than the Sun.



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