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The Aquarius New Moon Is Going To Push All Of Us Into Emotional Overdrive

This month’s new moon is almost here and many of us are going to feel it a bit on edge. This is somehow normal for every new moon we encounter, but this one we’re going to face is going to be fascinating.

This new moon is going to be in Aquarius and it’s not going to allow us o take advantage of its positive aspects, instead, we’re going to focus on a lot to unpack when it comes to the celestial world. This new moon is bringing us the opportunity to begin something new, but that new thing is going to be hard to take and a lot to handle. Presently, these energies are now building up and you’re maybe working to let go of old habits and working to do more positive things in your life, so will that be the same thing you wanted?

We’re all going to be thrown into a loop because of these energies, definitely. We’re going to face a lot of intense emotions and we’re going to deal with things so-called “crisis” as Astrology said. This new moon’s influences are not easy to deal with, as always.

Astrology King lists as follows in regards to this full moon and the problems its energies and aspects bring forth:

New Moon square Uranus brings uncertainty, anxiety and unexpected change. A buildup of the nervous tension can result in unpredictable behavior, abruptness, and sudden mood swings. A strong need to assert your independence can lead to impulsiveness, rebellion, arguments, and tantrums.

The best way to handle this new moon is with open-mindedness and flexibility. Be proactive about positive change. Work out why you are feeling restless or what is causing the feeling of impending drama and chaos.



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