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The 5 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected By The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

We all know that Mercury retrograde is coming up and it’s going to start to kick off on the 16th of the current month. Just like most Mercury retrogrades, this one will be intense and really complex for many of us.

We’re not all going to get the same things from this retrograde, but we’re all going to be affected in some way. Some people will notice how their moods change and others will be more nervous and anxious in general. But the more aware you are by the effects of this retrograde, the less nervous you are, and the more you’ll be able to manage them and protect yourself.

Even though we’re all going to get affected by this retrograde, there are some zodiac signs that are going to feel its energies and get affected by them more than others. You maybe can’t avoid these energies, but if you work hard enough for it, you’re going to avoid being overwhelmed. Mercury is a planet that is associated with communication, but this time, it’s much more than that.

In this article, I am going to give you a list of the zodiac signs that are going to be affected the most by this Mercury retrograde’s energies and will go over them. Make sure to look if your zodiac sign is present in this list so you can be prepared for what’s yet to come. But don’t worry, you’re going to make it out fine, but don’t forget to embrace all that they bring with them and try to face them with a positive mindset.


Prepare your butt to get kicked by this Mercury retrograde if you’re a Pisces. Confusion, stress, frustration, and anxiety are all that you’re getting during this period. Emotionally, you’re going to be highlighted, but getting your shit together isn’t going to be easy at all! So take your time and don’t try to rush into things.



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