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Retrograde Season Is Here, But Things Are About To Get Really up!

There’s no denying that we’re in the middle of a recession. At the moment Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in recession, and on the 18th of this month (June) Mercury will also be in recession.

Although we see many deteriorations in this period every year, it is undeniably a bit crazy. Pluto has been in retrograde since April 25th, so we have seen a lot of growth, but also a lot of suffering. If the celestial bodies can do us much good, they can also bring us down in more ways than we normally think.

Now, with the degradation of Venus, we’ve had a lot of romantic problems. The giving and receiving of love as a whole has become somewhat more complex. Although this degradation will end on the 25th of this month (June), there is still much to do, and we will have to deal with many things from our past.

These energies that meet the energies that Jupiter produces can be a little unsettling because Jupiter is a matter of luck. Although these energies work well together, there are things that do not quite fit together. Apart from that, it is likely that Jupiter had something to do with it if you have been feeling too positive for some time.

Since Saturn is the last planet that is currently in retreat, it is certainly one of the most important in terms of its influence. It has been in retreat since 11 May and will remain so until the end of September. It restricts us in some ways, but it also helps us to recognize our true feelings. Although many people feel uncomfortable with the influence of this planet, it is important to face it.

Although mercury is not yet fully in decline, I think we should mention it, its decline will be much more positive than what we are used to. As Sirius has the power during this setback, which, as I said earlier, begins on 18 June, we will have more success and more growth in a number of important areas. This backward season has been going on for some time now and most people haven’t noticed it, which really surprises me. However, it will become much more intense over time.


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