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Mercury’s Going Retrograde Between Two Full Moons

October is a month full of interesting events, and there is much to do in the heavenly world. On the 1st of this month there was a full moon, and the descent of Mercury begins on the 13th, just before another full moon arrives.

The energies of the first full moon of this month are finally beginning to run out, and so the degradation of Mercury will be much more powerful. Mercury, as mentioned before, will be degraded on the 13th, and the second full moon of October will not take place until the 31st of October, which means that we have a lot of time to get an idea of what this degradation means. It will be over when the Halloween full moon comes. I know that the energies you feel right now may not be very intense, but as the days go by and this degradation begins, we will all be very nervous and misunderstood.

Mercury before Uranus will increase our fears at this time, and we will probably have to struggle with self-discipline as well. In general, things will be confusing and stressful in the presence of the regressive, but in general, it will help us learn more about our intuitive side. During this time, don’t make any serious decisions, but think about the situations you find yourself in and be sure to get your message across when you speak. We don’t want to be misunderstood.



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