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Mercury Retrograde Is Bringing Many Changes, Here’s What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury is going straight backwards, and something like this will go well until November 3rd. This setback is causing unresolved emotions and might make your ex think that now would be a good time to shoot you a text or try to send you some kind of message.

Remember not to do anything too unusual during the time this regression is present. Think about things, spend some time thinking and then take your step when this regression has finally come to some kind of end. Now I will go through some of what this regression has for each zodiac sign in terms of emotions, exes and things of that kind. There will be exceptions to this, but in general these are things we need to keep an eye on.

Yes, you are happy in your present relationship right now, but this setback will make you think about the love of your past. You have done many things in life and your heart has been through much. Sure, you may not want to go back to your ex, but there are things you miss about them, and this time will be a time when you regret a connection in many ways.


As a Taurus you are someone who really deals with many romantic themes. You and your partner do not always agree, and you wonder if you have made the right decisions in life and love. Sure, you are happy, but are you with the person you should be with?

Yes, you moved out a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that your ex isn’t still thinking about you. Even if they won’t be as prominent in your head as you are in theirs, that won’t stop them from reaching out. Besides, it’s rarely a good idea to stay friends with someone who used to be a lover, so you’re probably doing the right thing by ignoring these messages and keeping your distance.

You will think a lot about someone from your past. Even if you couldn’t change things, you still wish you could. Life itself is hard, and you don’t like to go alone.


It’s not easy to see someone you care about move on, but honestly, you have to. Regardless of whether you are busy or not, your emotions really show that you feel you need some kind of closure from a previous relationship. Remember that sometimes the lack of closure is more than enough to show how someone really feels.

We all know that your ex controls you from time to time, but you, as the person you are now, do not want to be sent back. You are happy where you are and things are looking up. Sure, every now and then you might want a little reassurance, but is it really worth it?

Drama is the only thing your ex is good at, and you have to let it work on you. Now would be a good time to let go of your attachment to them. Sure, things are different than you expect at the moment, but is that bad?



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