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Loners are the most loyal and intellectual people that you can meet

I remember the first time I realized that I could be a kind of loner. When friends invited me out, I used to stay away regardless of what was going on. But when I began to grow and grow old, loneliness really began to become something important to me. I became more and more used to being just myself, alone with my own company.

Loners sometimes have bad press.
Just because they are not super extroverted or are not looking for an active social life. But that’s not why something is wrong with them or they need someone to help them socialize.

In reality, there are two different types of solitaires. The solitary extrovert, who has no problem to make friends or sociable, but who chooses to be alone, and the solitary introvert, who actually feels safer and more secure by remaining alone, and who does not do not really have a choice.

Extroverted solitaries have great potential to be part of your best friends.
Because after all, they prefer to spend time alone anyway, so if they want to spend their time with you, it’s because they really appreciate you. They do not go out with anyone.

The introverted loner is easily overwhelmed by the crowd or large groups.
So he chooses different social platforms, such as online forums or communities rather than concert halls or bars. They also want human interaction just as much as their extroverted peers, but they do it differently.

Jonathon Cheek, a psychologist at Wellesley College, said,

 Some people simply have a low need for affiliation. “

But if there is one thing to remember from this article, it is that being a loner is quite different than being alone.
There are many reasons why a person loves loneliness, so if you start to realize that you may be lonely, do not be afraid to be persecuted or stigmatized, accept it.

Loyalty and intelligence are the characteristics that define you. So, be smart, choose your friends wisely, and do not be afraid to say “no” if you prefer to be alone one night rather than going to a bar with your friends.


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