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Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Is Going Retrograde From June To July 2020

Mercury is in regression in the sign of Cancer from June 17 to July 12, 2020, so we have a total of five planets in regression.

This strong retrograde energy also receives us when we walk on the Bridge of Darkness, which represents the sacred and deeply transformative time between eclipses.

Together, this combination of retrograde energy and eclipse energy will cause uncertainty and deeper questions about the direction of our lives.

Even the wounds of the past seem to have been cleansed. We may even intuitively feel that our past, or even our past life, contains a clue to our destiny.

Underneath all this energy, the fact that the mercury in the sign of cancer is decreasing increases our sensitivity and gives more strength to the words we say and the thoughts we think.

Our thoughts and the words we send out into the world carry a vibration within them. This vibration helps to color and paint the lens through which we see the world.
With the retreat of Mercury in cancer, we can see and feel more clearly the power of the words we say and the thoughts we think.

We will be able to see how our thoughts and words influence the way we see the world.

Take a moment to think about the words you have said today and the thoughts that have gone through your mind.

Take a moment to evaluate what kind of world you are creating based on what you think and share. Is this the kind of world you want to be a part of?

Every thought, every word you say, and every action you take plays a role in the world we live in. These are the things that touch us the most, but they also create a wave that is felt throughout the world.

Part of our responsibility as people on this planet is to be aware of what we consciously and unconsciously create through our thoughts and words.

Consider your thoughts and words as brushes that enrich the artwork of Mother Earth and our collective reality.
The fact that Mercury travels through the Cancer underworld also means that we will be able to feel with greater sensitivity the vibration, emotion, and true intention behind the words we share.

While we can easily feel angry if someone tells us something difficult, we will also easily feel healed and reassured if someone tells us something nice. This energy works both ways.

The words we share are always important, but especially with this decrease of mercury in cancer, we want to be aware that you carry extra power within you.

This is a wonderful time to reach out to those who are struggling and those who need a little more love – including yourself – and say a few kind words of encouragement and compassion.



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