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Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Enters Capricorn 2019-2020

The biggest planet in our close planetary system is off on another journey!

Since November 2018, Jupiter has been in its home sign of Sagittarius, reviving its vitality and sparkling like its actual self.

Presently, the opportunity has arrived for Jupiter to leave the solaces of its home and set out for an additional 12-year venture around the Sun.

Its first stop is Capricorn, and on December second, Jupiter will thump on the zodiac’s entryway requesting to remain in this new territory of the astronomical skies.

Jupiter isn’t very attached to investing energy in Capricorn as it thinks that it’s excessively prohibitive for its plentiful self. In any case, it realizes that it’s a piece of the voyage and part of how it can continue getting the hang of, developing, and offering its intelligence to all the Universe.

Jupiter is the planet of extension, bounty, and astuteness. While it’s been in Sagittarius we have all been called to open our psyches, open our hearts, and to think greater.

We have been urged to quit marking ourselves as well as other people and to make more space to praise our disparities. We have been guided to find our certainty and to express who we truly are to the world.

Presently, with our receptive outlooks, open hearts, and open thoughts, we are prepared for Jupiter to enter Capricorn where we will be told the best way to really walk the discussion.

It is never again sufficient to prepare to stun the world and think beyond practical boundaries, we currently need to act largely! We need to take the entirety of our stupendous thoughts and really put them to activity.

We need to take the entirety of our knowledge and really start applying it to our lives, and that is the thing that Jupiter in Capricorn is about.

It needs to see us get concrete with our arrangements and to fire developing piece by piece the progressions we wish to find on the planet and in our very own lives as well.

This is our opportunity to truly make progress with regards to our objectives and wishes. This is our opportunity to truly begin making something substantial and material that we want.

Jupiter in Capricorn is additionally about assuming liability. In the event that we need to make a superior world for ourselves as well as other people, we need to step up and make a move.

We need to quit parting with our capacity and rather, consider how we can guarantee our own capacity to make the existence that we want.

On a worldwide scale, Jupiter needs to see us make greater balance, particularly with regards to the economy and monetary riches.



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