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Intuitive Astrology: June 2020, Neptune Is Sending Some Energy.

On June 11, the sun will move in a square or 90-degree alignment with Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and higher consciousness.

While the Sun squares Neptune twice a year, the June alignment takes place between two powerful eclipses and in the midst of many retrogradations.

Neptune’s energy is watery, gentle, and creative. It helps us get out of our rational mind and into a place of dreams.
Neptune leads us to think outside of what we can see with our five senses and reminds us that life is much more than the tangible.

Neptune is also the planet associated with higher consciousness and the realms of unconditional love.

It carries beautiful energy within it that reminds us that we are more than a body, that we are a soul on a journey beyond this life.

Neptune helps us to realize that time is an illusion and that life is just a folding and unfolding of moments that have no beginning and no end.

This dream energy is beautiful for intuitive work, creative creation, and exploring deeper states of consciousness, but it is not the best for making logical and practical decisions.

When Neptune covers us with this beautiful veil of sleep, it can also cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing clearly.
Neptune’s energy is not good for making practical decisions. It doesn’t want to make judgments, it can’t get involved in this or that, because everything is an illusion and nothing is what it seems.

When this way of thinking has its place, it can sometimes be difficult to live in this state while moving in the physical world.

We need to be able to consider the tangible, and that is what becomes difficult when the energy of Neptune is strong.

Don’t make any concrete decisions on this day. Don’t judge either, because not all information is revealed with Neptune’s presence.
Neptune’s energy is sometimes like a walk in the dark. You have to walk slowly, you have to move carefully, otherwise, you can get lost.

With all the downward movements and the energy of darkness also in the air, it will be important this week to really trust your intuition. If something is wrong, if something is not right, then now is really the time to listen.



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